Park Tool MTB-3 Rescue multitool review£27.99

Feature packed multitool

BikeRadar score3/5

This is a monster of a tool that splits into three sections for use – two sides with assorted Allen keys and screwdrivers plus a separate chain tool. It’s a more successful configuration than you might imagine and easy to assemble and disassemble with a very solid feel.

The tools themselves are long enough and well made (with a little care needed when using the smaller sizes, as you can feel some flex creeping in) but as a bonus, the flat head screwdriver doubles up as a disc brake pad separator. Our main beef on the tool layout is that they aren’t quite as easy to grasp – and therefore use – as some. On the plus side, there are tyre levers cleverly incorporated into the design, a pedal spanner and a quality chain tool.

Being a substantial and separate element, this is easy to hold and has deep plates that keep the chain securely in place – useful when dealing with a troublesome link. A well-fitting 4mm Allen key acts as the handle, which makes on-the-fly fixes as easy as they’re ever likely to be.

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