Blackburn Toolmanator 3 multitool review£40.00

Includes a mini shock pump

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Someone at Blackburn had three Shredded Wheats the morning they devised the ultra slimline Toolmanator 3. It’s the only tool we've tested (and as far as we know, the only model of its kind) to include a mini shock pump.

It’s an emergency only, get-you-home widget that we doubted would work, but work it does and does well – just go slow and steady. Sadly the chain tool is not so lucky with an undersized handle that’s hard to hold and generate enough leverage to split a Shimano chain – fiddly and frustrating sum it up. However, the bits are well made and still look good after plenty of use.

Another point where the Toolmanator suffered (and it's not alone here) was the position of the Phillips screwdriver, which was close enough to the centre of the tool to make front mech set screw adjustments a pain. It should, of course, be at the outer edge for minimum tool overhang.

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