Bontrager Rollbar 18 multitool review£35.00

Tonka toy build quality

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Bontrager’s Rollbar could and should have the company sitting on a winner. Sadly though, it misses the bullseye while still snagging double tops. The chain tool suffers in being just a bit too small to get a good purchase on, especially when you’ve got greasy fingers from handling the chain. It’s a shame because the chain tool actually does work and we’ve routinely made a clean job of splitting and joining links, it’s just that we’ve sworn quite a lot in the process.

We’re not keen on the angled Allen keys. They simply don’t make it easier to access hidden heads, not a gripe specifically aimed at the Rollbar, but all tools equipped with this fuzzy logic. We love the Tonka toy build quality, the bits are well made and resistant to rounding. It’s the Rollbar’s sheer ruggedness which had us overlook the angled bits and throw it into our packs on epic rides.

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