Giant Tool Shed Compact CT multi-tool review£18.00

Miniature tooling

BikeRadar score1.5/5

This cute little tool comes in its own neat little case. However, we fell at the first hurdle when we struggled to remove it – it’s not something we’d want to be trying with cold hands when in a hurry.

The tools are of a sturdy construction but the handle is so small it’s difficult to get adequate purchase and take advantage of that strength.

The small size does make it good in a tight spot but the tools are arranged on two layers, which means those on the second row are quite awkward to use.

The tyre lever is shaped into the body and, while you won’t want to rely on it, it’s fine for emergency use; likewise the chain tool – it holds the links well and the Allen key connection is effective, but the part you hold is so skinny it negates those advantages.

This should have been one of those ‘take everywhere’ tools, as the concept is good, but the tolerances and specification aren’t so great.

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