Specialized EMT Pro multitool review£35.00

Small, light and packs a punch

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Specialized don’t cruise the aisles at Taiwanese trade shows looking for cheap stuff to re-brand, they've got offices crammed full of expensive Americans figuring out the best way to make stuff for your bike, and it shows in the EMT Pro.

This small, light tool packs a punch way above its weight. The frame is solid and flex free, even though its small size can make it difficult to get a good grip. This is designed for the rear pockets of cross-country racers’ jerseys (hence the 106g weight), but it still gets a pad spreader and a bottle opener to go with the essentials.

The bits are well defined, though not quite as good as we've seen on the very best example of this type of tool, especially on the sub-4mm stuff. Chains were broken and rejoined with the tool, though its small size didn’t make it an experience that filled us with joy.

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