Park AK37 Tool Kit review£275.00

Top-quality home tools, but spendy

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Park’s iconic blue handled tools are the benchmark when it comes to bike maintenance — and 37 varieties in this little tackle box will certainly tackle most jobs. This is a great tool kit if you have £275 to invest in keeping your bike's going.

All the family favourites are in there, from external bottom bracket and crank preload tools to the best cable cutters in the business. Frankly, the quality is better than anything this side of a Snap-On truck.

The only obvious omission is lack of a big tyre lever (just two little blue ones), but you do get a chain cleaning machine, lube and grease. There’s even a tyre repair boot and glueless patches.

The price is certainly high, but it’s a lot cheaper than if you wanted to buy all the bits separately. That leaves only the worry of heading down the slippery slope towards owning the matching BBQ set, bottle opener, pizza cutter and loo roll holder (yes, all of these products really do exist).

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