Norbar Trutorque TT20 torque wrench review£70.99

Tighten up safely

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Without a torque wrench there’s no way of knowing whether you’re overtightening the myriad bolts that fasten components to your bike. Many – seatpost collars and handlebar stem bolts, say – rely on just enough compression to resist twisting forces without damage.

To this end, every Norbar wrench comes with a calibration certificate along with a switch to lock your chosen torque setting once you’ve dialled it in. There’s a reversible ratchet, a sliding scale in both Nm and lbft units and a rubber grip.

The wrench will tighten anything up to 20Nm, which means every bolt on the bike bar the crank ones. Available in 1/2in or 3/8in square drives.

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