Master the tabletop and inject some style into your riding

Tips on getting the hang of one of mountain biking's trickier skills

Master the tabletop and inject some style into your riding

Ready to add some style to your riding? Here's the BikeRadar breakdown on how to add tabletops to your repertoire. 

Tabletops are where you rotate the bike until it's almost parallel to the ground while mid-air off a jump. They are one of the trickiest skills to learn, but look damn good once you master them. 

Getting the hang of tabletops takes some practice, but it's worth it for the style points you gain.

First you'll need to be relaxed and loose on your bike, plus comfortable tackling bigger jumps. It's worth dialling it back a little until you get the hang of it. 

Secondly, you need the right kind of jump. You're looking for something with a bit of a hip, where the landing is at a slight angle rather than straight at front of you. 

Thirdly, you need to break down the body position needed for tabletops. Hands and wrists are important, and you want your top hand to almost rotate around the bars to bring the bike close in to your body. Your knees need to be close together, with your lower leg almost up and above the frame. 

This is one of those skills that will take a lot of practice, so find some suitable jumps, get practicing, stick with it and you'll have added style with a little bit of patience. 

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