Over to you: which mountain bike trail is your favorite?

What makes your favorite place to ride memorable?

Do you fantasize about slender ribbons of singletrack winding deep through forests? Maybe riding high above the treeline and plunging down alpine scree slopes is more your style? Or is the best trail the one that's closest to your home — the trail you can pedal to from your front door? Or does a trail that’s more exotic, that you only ride once a year while on vacation, or have only ridden once, hold a special place in your heart.

Everyone who has ever thrown a leg over a mountain bike has a favorite trail. There’s no shortage of stunning singletrack out there. Modern mountain bikers are spoiled for incredible riding destinations.

I’ve ridden my fair share of singletrack for work and for play. My personal favorite trail is Hangover Trail in Sedona, Arizona. This particular trail struck a chord with me because it has everything I enjoy about mountain biking on one trail.

There’s a technical climb to a saddle that overlooks the town of Sedona, from there you dive down a steep, slick rock face and wind your way along a very narrow, very exposed track before descending a loose and rocky stretch of rubble. After this white-knuckle descent you are rewarded with a smooth and flowy finish.

Hangover has a bit of risk, amazing views and technical sections that needs to be approached like a chess-match in order to ride through cleanly. To me, that’s a perfect piece of trail.

Here's are two first-person views of Yeti-sponsored riders navigating Hangover. 

Hangover Trail Sedona Arizona
ower Hangover Sedona AZ

So that’s the trail that gets my heart rate up. What about you? Which trail is your favorite, and what makes it one to remember?

Josh has been riding and racing mountain bikes since 1998. Being stubborn, endurance racing was a natural fit. Josh bankrolled his two-wheeled addiction by wrenching at various bike shops across the US for 10 years and even tried his hand at frame building. These days Josh spends most of his time riding the trails around his home in Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Discipline: Mountain, cyclocross, road
  • Preferred Terrain: Anywhere with rock- and root-infested technical singletrack. He also enjoys unnecessarily long gravel races.
  • Current Bikes: Trek Remedy 29 9.9, Yeti ASRc, Specialized CruX, Spot singlespeed, Trek District 9
  • Dream Bike: Evil The Following, a custom Moots 27.5+ for bikepacking adventures
  • Beer of Choice: PBR
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO, USA

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