Train for the mountains before you get there

This training session will help MTB riders keep control for longer

Train for the mountains before you get there

Do you struggle to keep control towards the end of long descents? We’ve got the perfect training session for you, courtesy of Ben Plenge at the MTB Strength Factory.

It’s all about hitting trails when your heart rate is elevated and you’re out of breath. So that means sprinting for 30 seconds or longer before you drop in to the trail, and don’t forget to stand up a few seconds before the tricky stuff starts, to allow yourself time to get composed and ready for the technical sections.

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It then becomes all about riding with skill and flow, and getting to the bottom in style. This is perfect for those of us who don’t live near big hills, but want to go somewhere with longer, more arduous descents. Start gradually, begin on familiar trails and ramp it up gradually to make sure you don’t crash.

Stay tuned for more videos from MTB Strength Factory in our Hacks series.

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