100% Accuri Forecast goggles review£70.00

Roll off vision

BikeRadar score5/5

With tear-offs banned at many riding venues, goggles with a roll-off strip of transparent film across the lens provide a better-performing and more environmentally-friendly alternative.

The Forecasts use the same frame and strap as 100%’s excellent Accuri goggles, but have a modified lens, which allows the roll-off system to be screwed into each side. This means that if you want to use the goggles in summer, all you have to do is switch the lens to a regular one (£10.99).

The roll of film sits on the left side of the lens and you simply pull on the rubberised drawstring toggle to pull a fresh strip across, while the soiled roll gathers on the right-hand side. You get two refills included, and the canister covers clip on and off easily to fit them.

My two most common roll-off complaints are that the strip of film is too shallow, leaving a ‘letter box’ field of view or that the film sticks to a wet lens and doesn’t pull smoothly. The Forecasts have neither of these issues.

With its 45mm width, the film gives an excellent field of view, and the roll housings only marginally obstruct your peripheral vision. Two rows of small studs stop the film sticking to a wet lens, which you don’t notice once riding.

100% Accuri Forecast goggles specifications

  • In the box: Mud flap, two rolls of film, microfibre bag
  • Colours: Black, fluro yellow, fluro yellow/black
  • Film width: 45mm

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