Wildcat Gear Tiger saddle harness review£75.00

Bikepacking seat harness

BikeRadar score4/5

The Tiger Saddle Harness is suitable for dry bags of between 3l and 8l capacity, depending on which size model you opt for.

This allows some welcome customisation between heavy or light dry bag materials and different levels of weather resistance.

The tiger harness fits snugly under your seat:
The tiger harness fits snugly under your seat:

The Tiger harness fits snugly under your seat

The tapering end of the cradle requires some sensible packing in order to maximise its capacity. It’s a simple job to fit, with side straps performing the double duty of securing the dry bag and looping around the saddle rails to provide a very stable and secure attachment.

This remained tight throughout the testing process, with no noticeable sway – and despite its snug fit under the saddle it isn’t noticeable when you’re pedalling.

The upper and lower panels offer slight padding, which does a good job of protecting from dings – and a great job of fending off the worst mud and spray from the rear wheel.

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