RockGuardZ CG330 Evo2 Stealth review£26.00

Competent all-rounder front mudguard for every mountain bike discipline

BikeRadar score4/5

Now that you’ve read the name, take a second to catch your breath again. Okay to carry on? Good.

Yes, it has a more convoluted name than an interplanetary spaceship, but fortunately RockGuardZ’s most compact (and cheapest) front mudguard backs that up with some decent, value-oriented performance. It's a great all-rounder that should suit most types of rider.

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The ‘330’ refers to its length, which strikes the right balance between offering good coverage and not looking like an ironing board. Unlike its carbon stablemates, which cost up to twice as much, this version is manufactured from glass-fibre reinforced plastic, which maintains a high strength-to-weight ratio but lowers the price, although you do lose the flashy carbon-fibre looks.

Attachment is made secure via four cable-ties, and several small rubber bumpers help to protect your expensive fork lowers from scuffing, although by the end of the test period these did start to bunch up and peel off.

Naturally, overall mud protection is lowered by having a shorter guard, but it was still plenty to keep us happy on wet and muddy rides, and because it looks a lot neater we were more inclined to leave it on permanently. Tyre clearance wasn’t an issue with high-volume 2.35in tyres, and the pricetag seems good value for a product that is sturdy enough to last season after season.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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