Polaris Granite X0 Storm jacket review£145.00

Three-layer hooded waterproof coat

BikeRadar score4/5

We’ve been running this three-layer hooded waterproof for about a year now. It’s testament to its tight all-round game that we’ve kept it on the office coat peg for grabbing on wet, windy rides when we need that little bit of extra protection – when ‘pure’ bike-style jackets can struggle.

Most of what we love comes from the relatively form-hugging cut, which allows a full range of movement without acting like a sail when the wind blows.The hood fits properly and, importantly, can be used under a helmet

The sleeves taper properly, looking neat on the bike and allowing a glove to tuck into the cuffs without gaps or rucking. Plus, the transparent patch on the bottom of the left sleeve allows you to read a watch or wrist HRM on the fly.

This Granite’s been washed dozens of times and is ready for a dose of re-proofer, but that will set it up for another year of use. 

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