Mavic Notch jersey review£45.00

One for the hottest summer days

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Notch is designed for the hottest summer days, which is apparent the moment you pull it from the bag. The all-over mesh fabric is almost weightless next to your skin, but somehow the jersey has enough substance to hang well.

The Notch has a cut that’s relaxed enough to create an airy feel but not so overgenerous that it gets in the way. It's also a good length but manages not to become too floaty when you ride. That’s helped by the cut of the sleeve and shoulder, which allows good movement without the need for any excess fabric. It bears out our experience of other Mavicclothes, where unassuming looks hide performance that impresses once you're riding.

The construction quality is impeccable, with flatlock seams for less bulk and much greater comfort, especially on longer rides or with a pack. We did sigh a little when we saw one long zip on the rear pocket, but inside it’s divided into two mesh pockets, making it easier to organise your stash. It’s not quite as convenient as the classic road-style three vertical drop-in pockets but is still a good way to combine security with practicality.

As it washes and easily dries overnight, we predict that the Notch will become a summer staple in our cycling wardrobe.

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