FiveTen Freerider VXi Element shoes review£95.00

Sticky-soled mountain bike shoes for foul weather

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The FiveTen Freeride VXi Element shoes are the 'winterised' versions of the popular flat pedal Freerider VXis, which are renowned for their sticky, grippy soles.

Water-repellent, unperforated synthetic uppers replace the previous mesh sections, and improved insulation means greater warmth. They also make use of FiveTen's new Stealth Mi6 rubber, a softer compound that claims unparalleled friction.

We say they're more weather-proofed than properly 'winterised', and on a cold, crisp days we were disappointed to end up with wet feet. Puddles can simply slosh over the water resistant uppers, seep past the tongue and hitch a ride. We never found warmth a problem though.

Unlike the dimpled predecessors, the Elements have a smooth patch where the pedal sits. The added manoeuvrability initially feels alien, but the Mi6 rubber keeps feet well planted.

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