Club Ride Mountain Surf shorts review

Technical but casual trail clothing

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Club Ride has improved its mountain bike shorts by leaps and bounds over the initial offerings from just a few years ago, namely by replacing the 70s basketball length for a 13in inseam that rides better on the bike and doesn't make your buddies point and laugh.

Keeping with Club Ride's casual style, the Mountain Surf shorts offer a roomy, if not slightly oversized, fit and can easily be worn in pre- or post-ride situations without screaming, "Hey, look at me! I'm a rider!"

The lightweight, two-way stretch RideDryWear material wicks sweat quickly and efficiently, and breathes pretty well too. The front pockets are mesh-lined, which also helps with ventilation a touch. Overall, though, the Mountain Surf shorts are better suited for mild-to-warm days than desert-hot rides.

In addition to the front two pockets, there are two zippered side pockets – one with a media port – that are just big enough to squeeze an iPhone 4 in. We wanted to make fun of how small and shallow the two back pockets are, but after one held our wallet for a two-hour ride it was hard to knock them too much. Still, the open-topped and asymmetrical slots seem to be much more fashion than function.

More fashion than function with the back pockets

Waist fit is adjusted either with the cam-locks on both hips or via your own belt through the Mountain Surf's belt loops. The cam-locks kept the waistline static, and were easily adjustable with two hands, but weren't the most on-the-fly friendly.

For US$85, the Mountain Surf shorts are pretty basic, especially considering they don't come with a liner. But they ride well on the trail and are a great option for riders who appreciate technical shorts that look like casual board shorts.

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