Scott Mind baggy short review£110.00

Liner styled like a comic book

BikeRadar score4.5/5

We first tried these shorts last year and were simply blown away by their fit and performance. At the time we’d have said it was hard to improve on them, but it appears Scott have gone and done just that. 

The liner – with its crazy print – would beat your designer boxers with their logo’d waistband on style marks alone, but it’s the low-profile chamois, with its multiple flex channels, that really delivers in terms of trail comfort. 

The shell is light and the panelled design articulates perfectly with your legs when you pedal – and if that wasn’t enough, the stretch of the fabric enables you to go further if you need to. The fit is the finest we’ve ever come across – there isn’t any excess in the rise, yet there’s also no sensation of restriction. 

But it’s the waist adjustment that might be the last word in design refinement – it’s done with two discreet locking zips in the waistband at each side, so you can set and forget. Until the cake stop anyway...

We’re not a fan of overloaded pockets – and you won’t want to ruin the on-bike comfort of the Mind by filling up the cargo pockets on the legs either, because it really doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. 

This is the best short of its type that we’ve tried – the specification right from the liner through to the detail of the adjusters is spot on. Happily they’re available in black, grey, brown and purple if out-there turquoise isn’t your thing.

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