Berghaus Active Thermal long sleeve crew neck T-shirt base layer review£46.00

Versatile, warm and comfortable

BikeRadar score3/5

This is one of the heavier-weight base layers that we've tested, and as such it makes a good extra warming as well as wicking layer for when the worst of the winter weather kicks in. The greater thickness also means we wore it on its own for a lot of mild autumn riding.

The fit is more like that of a long-sleeve T-shirt - it's not classic base layer skinny - so it looks more than acceptable without anything over the top. Its bulk does mean it doesn't slide under our traditional bike jerseys so well, but under looser-fit stuff the smooth outer surface makes layering it easy enough.

We associate the soft grid on the inside with efficient wicking - and it lives up to that notion - and although it's a fairly substantial material, it does dry overnight. Close attention has been paid to the construction too, with strong detailing, such as a bound neck seam for smoothness, and well-finished flatlock seams.

We found ourselves wearing this a lot off the bike too, which is a very good sign. Its easy fit means it can be worn alone, making it versatile across other activities.

The extra back length is really the only nod towards bike fit, though, and oddly the sleeves are not correspondingly long - we would've ideally liked some extra length there.

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