SRAM X9 Type 2 rear mech review£90.00

Add chain security and reduce transmission noise

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There aren’t many single shot upgrades that can add chain security, reduce noise and make wheel removal/insertion much easier, but that’s exactly what the new Type 2 rear mech does for SRAM transmissions.

The major difference between the Type 2 and previous SRAM mechs is the addition of a clutch in the bearing that links the lower jockey wheel cage to the upper mech body. Locking this clutch stops the jockey cage flapping forward as easily over bumps, which greatly reduces the chance of the chain bouncing, whipping off the frame and/or falling off the chainring.

Apart from during crashes we haven’t had a single chain drop on our otherwise chainguide/security device-free single ring test rig since installing it. This is particularly impressive as our test rig is a hardtail, and we’ve been walloping it down flat-out and rocky descents that were throwing the chain off regularly before.

The reduction in noise is fantastic too. Even after just a few rides we noticed that switching back to a standard mech sounds like the back end of your bike is disintegrating on every rough section. Riders with big-chainstay bikes will notice even more of a change.

A simple push-button Cage Lock latch locks the cage straight and slackens the chain for extremely easy wheel changes. The Type 2 comes in the usual long, medium or short cage options and, if anything, provides shifting that’s actually more positive and accurate in typical trail situations.

The only downsides are an admittedly meagre 30g weight increase and a £15 price increase over normal X9, but given the advantages the Type 2 is an absolute no-brainer upgrade for trail-riding SRAM transmission users.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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