Hope lock-on grips review£25.00

Hope's first foray into grips is a fine effort

BikeRadar score3/5

Hope’s new lock-on grips are available in bright green, red, clear or good old black. They are 135mm in length, 30mm in diameter and feature concealed CNC machined lock-rings at both ends of the grip, which help to increase surface area. 

CNC machined end-plugs neatly locate into the collars, making the grips tough and eliminating any danger of crash induced core-samples. The sticky diamond-file tread pattern is made from a soft rubber compound and feels great with or without gloves, although gloves are definitely needed when things get wet and mucky. 

With ODI unquestionably controlling the lock-on grip market, it’s refreshing to see Hope develop a whole new system rather than mimicking the existing options. 

Some riders may prefer a more aggressive grip, or something a little thicker – but as Hope’s first grip, this is a sterling effort. They're just a little on the pricy side when you consider the collars aren’t reusable. 

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