ODI Ruffian Patriot grips review£25.00

Bar grips in red, white and blue

BikeRadar score4/5

These work brilliantly, but that pristine and super-grippy diamond-pattern grip quickly looks like a nicotine-stained finger if you even show it a wood. In fact, these were grubby by the time we’d fitted them. They don’t clean up easily either.

The Patriot colour scheme (also available in US flavour) is a limited edition and not a million miles from Lizard Skins’ Peaty grips for looks, though there’s a more standard black available. These fancy ones are the same price as the regular ones.

Aesthetics aside, they’re superb. The two clamps keep them ultra-secure, while that 130mm wide grip holds gloves brilliantly even when slick with mud. They’re fairly abrasive if you go bare-handed, and the solidity that makes them so sensitive and pure when things are rough means they offer little cushioning on longer, calmer rides.

They’re never harsh, but for climbing and contouring you’d be better off with something thicker and softer – or ODI’s Crosstrainer grips, should you want something softer but still remarkably skinny.

Both the rings and cartridges are available separately, making them cheap to replace when worn, broken or lost.

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