Serfas ProFlo grips review£19.95

Odd looking but comfortable

BikeRadar score4.5/5

These ProFlo lock-on grips might look a little weird but by heck are they comfortable. They’re not dissimilar in design to an Ergon, only these are shaped so that the flared section sits more under the middle of your palm rather than on the heel of the hand.

The idea behind the grips’ design is to help eliminate pressure that restricts blood flow to the hand, which can result in a loss of sensation and grip strength – sometimes known as ‘cyclist’s palsy’. Sure enough, we haven’t experienced any such thing.

We liked the feel of this shape and appreciated the softer gel pad in the flare. The diamond file surface texture aids grip in different weather conditions and with different gloves. We chose to ignore the odd flared plastic outer fins, they’re not bar ends.

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