Burgtec RideWider riser bar review£79.99

Refined for 2012

BikeRadar score3.5/5

British brand Burgtec were among the first to pioneer the wider downhill bar, with their first generation of RideWider bars clocking in at a then-whopping 750mm. Things have gotten even wider since, and as a result their latest offerings worry the doorframes at 780mm. 

It's available in two heights – the 15mm we opted for, and a taller 30mm. The feel is bang-on straight away thanks to a nine-degree backsweep and four-degree upsweep, and it felt fast from the get go. 

There are cut marks and helpful stem alignment details to help with the setup too. The lairy graphics mightn’t be to everyone’s taste but we reckon they look great. There are cheaper bars available but the RideWider remains one of our top downhill options.

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