DMR Vault flat pedals review£99.00

Grippy low-profiles

BikeRadar score4.5/5

DMR’s Vault is one of our favourites for trail use. The 115x115mm aluminium platform is wide enough for the chunkiest shoes, and the delicate concavity of the ribbed central bar lets your foot sink securely onto the 11 well-placed pins.

We love the pins as they come, but if you prefer less grip they can be flipped to present shorter, plain-sided bumps – and if you want more grip, DMR’s downhill-spec aftermarket Terror Pins fit straight in.

Despite all this grip, the Vaults are pleasingly light at 445g for the pair, and their skinny 17mm depth keeps them up out of trouble as much as possible. If you want them even lighter, the £90 titanium axle upgrade saves around 70g over the standard cro-mo steel ones.

Ours still spin smoothly after some fair abuse and sealing is good – better than on DMR’s old V12s. If they do suffer, parts are available separately for maintenance. If this slightly ‘they might be expensive, they might be cheap’ chrome isn’t to your taste there are eight other colours, and with further coloured pin options you can create something subtly elegant or frantically exhibitionist. Were the Nanos not half their price, the Vaults could easily have won.

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