Hutchinson Toro Hardskin RR tubeless-ready 29er review£50.00

Cross-country mountain bike tyre

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Toro has been around for a while, and its cut-down, spike-style pattern offers a quick clearing, fast rolling trail feel. Its square profile offers a good shoulder that can be worked into off-cambers and corners for sturdy grip.

The tougher side walls help resist cuts and give the carcass greater stiffness, adding stability at the low pressures this 730g tyre can be run at.

This French-made RR version – a race-ready soft compound – takes a long ride to soften up, but once scrubbed up and working in combination with a low pressure (26psi) tubeless setup, it proved grippy on wet roots and rocks and predictable in the mud. 

It’s not downhill super-tacky, but in this 2.15in width offers good clearance and bite for soggy cross-country and trail use.

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