Panaracer Neo Moto tyre review£39.99

As a rear tyre it’s a decent performer that skilled XC riders will appreciate

BikeRadar score3/5

Panaracer has made the Neo Moto for a couple of years now, although previously it had 'Pacenti' written on the sidewall. 650b pioneer Kirk Pacenti was an influence behind the Neo Moto, which actually looks a bit like the Panaracer Rampage of years ago.

The Neo Moto is intended as an all-condition, all-rounder tyre, and as such it does a pretty decent job. The ramped centre knobs improve rolling resistance without creating excessive skittishness under braking and, while the roundish profile means it lacks a bit of bite when leant over, for most riders and circumstances it’s perfectly okay. It’s a bit undersized, however – nearer 2.2in than the claimed 2.3in – and the supple carcass can deflect and feel a bit wobbly when you’re riding hard.

The compound is on the firmer side too, so a bit of backing off is required over wet rock and roots. Under enthusiastic cornering the rather basic flat-topped side knobbles can break away a bit too quickly.

For a front tyre, we feel the Neo Moto is bit too much of a compromise. But as a rear tyre, run at high pressure or ideally as tubeless, it’s a decent performer that skilled cross-country riders and racers will appreciate for its easy-rolling speed.

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