Bluegrass Explicit full face helmet review£109.99

Excellent value lid

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The mid-point of Bluegrass’s full-face range offers all the necessary features of a full-face helmet at a deceptive price (and weight).

Seventeen vents are distributed to maintain airflow, while carefully placed interior pads facilitate a comfortable ride, although the soft, fleecy padding is on the thick side and might not be so welcome on warmer days. The fit gave no surprises or pressure points and offered unrestricted vision, although some goggles were a tighter fit than others around the edges of front opening – so try before you buy.

Matching the excellent function, the matt grey, blue and white finish is understated but stylish, and suggests a more expensive lid. Only the pads, which were relatively difficult to remove and reinstall, betray the price-point, and the D-ring strap is secured with a small, fiddly popper, when simple Velcro would be more welcome for gloved fingers.

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