Urge Archi-Enduro Veggie full face helmet review£180.00

Ethical head protection

BikeRadar score4/5

The Archi-Enduro is striking, not only in terms of its unique looks, but for its lightweight design and the ethical approach that Urge has taken in its construction. The woven fibre of the shell might look like carbon, but it’s actually woven linen yarns encased in resin, which offers the same low-weight, high-strength properties (and increases the price slightly over the standard version).

Urge’s approach to aesthetics can inspire mixed reactions, but the finish here is impeccable, right down to the rubber washers beneath the visor bolts.

This helmet takes a dedicated approach to its namesake that is apparent in the ultra-minimal chin bar and high back – although it still meets all the required safety standards. With enduro racing in mind, ventilation and field of vision are unbeatable, although this comes at a cost in terms of overall coverage, and lower-end sizing is limited.

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