7iDP M5 helmet review£50.00

Entry-level open-face helmet

BikeRadar score2/5

The M5 is one of two entry-level open-face helmets from 7iDP. It offers deeper rear coverage than the identically-priced M4 but fewer vents.

The first thing you notice when donning the M5 is that it isn’t the comfiest helmet available. This is partly due to the thin pads, which provide little cushioning between your head and the EPS liner.

While the fit can be tweaked using the ratchet dial at the rear, there’s no vertical adjustment and the shell is only available in two sizes, so you’re unlikely to achieve a perfect result.

The dial is also quite fiddly to access, because it clashes with the EPS liner. It’s quite large too, so I’d be worried about it potentially digging into the head in the event of a crash.

The helmet is fairly well ventilated, thanks to the large size of its vents. While the peak isn’t adjustable, I didn’t find that a problem. The way it rattled on rough tracks was distracting, though.

I’d recommend spending the extra cash on 7iDP’s M2 helmet (£65 / $115), which is a much comfier lid and represents better value for money.

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