Bell 4Forty MIPS helmet review£90.00

A no-nonsense lid that's comfy and light

BikeRadar score4.5/5

This new helmet from Bell packs one hell of a punch, considering its price tag.

Although it’s cheaper than its all-singing, all-dancing sibling, the Sixer, key features are shared between the two, including the comfy, easy-to-adjust Float Fit system and safety-boosting MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) layer. There’s also a non-MIPS version too.

At 370g, the 4Forty MIPS is a competitive weight considering the amount of coverage, and while the padding is thin, I found this to be one seriously comfy lid.

Airflow across the top of the head and, in particular, over the brow is good too, which helps stops overheating on gruelling climbs.

The peak can be pushed up out of the way should you want to stow your eyewear on the brow of the helmet

The Bell is particularly suited to those with rounder heads. The Float Fit system can be adjusted easily using an indexed dial, and the well-distributed tension around the head meant I never needed to crank it up super-tight to keep the helmet from moving about when tackling rougher trails.

You can also alter the pitch of the lid by selecting from four options on the retention cradle.

The contours around the back help with goggle-strap placement, while the peak can be pushed up out of the way should you want to stow your eyewear on the brow of the helmet.

My only complaint is the lack of indexing on the peak, which can lead to hasty adjustments leaving it a little wonky. Other than that, the 4Forty is difficult to fault.

Rob Weaver

Technical Editor-in-Chief, UK
Rob started riding mountain bikes seriously in 1993 racing cross-country, though he quickly moved to downhill where he competed all over the world. He now spends most of his time riding trail bikes up and down hills. Occasionally he'll jump into an enduro race.
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