Fox Launch Enduro knee pads review£45.00

Pads designed for trail rides and enduro racing

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Fox’s Launch Enduro pads have been designed with all-day trail rides and enduro racing in mind, the idea being to provide enough protection for the speeds and risks of that sort of riding, while still allowing comfortable pedalling.

The fit and feel is superb. Each pad is held in place by a lightweight neoprene sleeve with a 10mm thick silicone gripper strip around the top, which helps to prevent slippage on long, sweaty rides. The closed sleeve design features an elastic section at the rear of the knee, which helps prevent bunching and heat build-up.

The 90x50mm soft pad is surrounded by a tough, abrasion-resistant outer, delivering a pad that’s thick enough to take the edge off the kind of impacts you’re likely to encounter when out trail riding.

If you’re riding technically challenging, rocky terrain and pedalling comfort isn’t your top priority you may want something a bit more substantial though – like Fox’s standard Launch pads, which have a hard knee cup.

Hot and sweaty days proved to be no issue and the synthetic materials dried quickly after washing, making these new pads from Fox a real pleasure to use ride after ride.

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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