2013 Burgtec components - first look

All-mountain stem, enduro handlebar and Mk4 Penthouse pedals

Renowned in the world of downhill racing for their bombproof flat pedals, Burgtec were also trendsetters with their Ride Wide handlebars, which came in at a whopping 750mm width when 680mm was still considered overkill by some. 

Times have moved on, but Burgtec's current 780mm RideWider bar is set to be joined by a 760mm-wide carbon fibre bar. It's part of the Cheshire, UK, manufacturer's focus on creating products for the the burgeoning enduro scene as well as the all-mountain niche.

Burgtec are also putting the finishing touches to a new all-mountain stem, to bolster their line of direct-mount downhill stems. The design uses a pair of centrally located pinch bolts to clamp onto the steerer, giving a smooth, knee-friendly finish, and is heavily machined to reduce weight while maintaining stiffness. Stems will be available in 50 or 60mm lengths. 

Mk 4 Penthouse flat pedals

Burgtec's Penthouse flat pedals have always been revered by those who value durability and grip, and for the fourth incarnation of their blocky 2042 aluminium pedal they'll be shaving thickness from 22mm to 17mm to improve ground clearance and stability. 

We don't have any information on weight, but that isn't their main focus. As main man Dave Barton confidently claims: "They won't be the lightest or the thinnest, but they will be the grippiest."

The price has also taken a drop, to £99.99 for the steel axle version. Burgtec say they're aiming for a new, more aggressive pricing structure to build on their reputation and bring their products to a wider audience. 

The first production run of pedals is still raw billet in their Cheshire factory, but they're set to hit shelves at the end of March 2013. For more information see www.burgtec.co.uk.

Jon Woodhouse

Technical Editor, UK
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