Atherton Racing to ride custom-built Atherton Bikes

Atherton Racing are joining forces with Dragons' Den entrepreneur Piers Linney, Dave Weagle and Robot Bike Co. founder

The Atherton Racing clan, siblings Gee, Rachel and Dan, have announced they're launching their own bike brand, dubbed Atherton Bikes.

Atherton Bikes will be partnering with Dave Weagle — the man behind the DW link split-pivot system made famous by Sam Hill on the Iron Horse Sunday and seen on Devinci bikes and Evil's Delta system — as well as Ed Haythornthwaite from Robot Bike Co. who the Athertons met back in 2006 when he was a mechanic for Dan.

Robot Bike Co. makes bikes using 3D-printed titanium lugs with carbon tubes, and the unique nature of the bikes mean that it's possible to customise your bike's geometry almost infinitely. For the Atherton family this will mean they'll be able to ride customised bikes tailored to each rider's specific needs.

Dragons' Den entrepreneur Piers Linney is also one of the co-founders of Atherton Bikes.

Rachel keeping it low and smooth
Rachel keeping it low and smooth

Multiple downhill world champion Rachel Atherton says: “The dream has always been to race our own bikes, and the additive manufactured bikes are so exciting and ground breaking — the ultimate bike!

"Through our entire career we’ve been proud to represent our country and support the next generation of bike riders, so the fact that we can deliver our new brand through a UK based company is just incredible and the icing on the cake for us!"

Rachel looks stoked to start her new venture
Rachel looks stoked to start her new venture

Atherton Bikes is destined to become a commercial business and it sounds like Gee, Rachel and Dan have assembled a team committed to fulfiling their goal of getting as many people as possible out on bikes having fun.

Piers Linney says: “As a rider myself I’m extremely excited to be working with the Athertons to deliver a new product range that meshes my enjoyment of MTB with my passion for new technologies. Exciting times ahead.”

Atherton Bikes is hinting at creating a full range of bikes, from downhill to XC and everything in between that are scheduled to be launched during 2019.

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