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How to set up rebound on your suspension forks

Every week we're going to be bringing you a highlight of all the footage we have on our BikeRadar media player. There's everything on there from ride technique footage to workshop tutorials, and some idiotic stunts sent in by our readers.

We'd also like to get you involved too - send us your riding clips from the trail or the road. As long as you don't add any backing music you/we don't own the copyright to, we'll get your video on the player. Send your video files here.

This week's selected video has been taken from the Suspension section of the Bike Maintenance tutorials on the player. It’s all about setting up the rebound properly on your forks – rebound controls the speed at which your fork returns after being compressed by a bump.

When your rebound is fast, your fork will feel overly springy, like a pogo stick. This can cause you to be bucked off your bike on landings or after big hits. When your rebound is too slow, your fork will feel sluggish and sit down in its travel. If a fork cannot recover to full extension quickly enough between bumps it will become progressively shorter in travel, which is also known as packing down.

Enough said. To see the clip, press play below, and once you've finished with that, take a look at the other videos available on the player.

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