Endura claims to have made a safer helmet

Endura partners with Koroyd for their new MT500 helmet

Scottish brand Endura has partnered with Koroyd to build what they claim is a safer helmet. The new MT500 helmets feature Koroyd integration for optimal impact protection and improved ventilation all in a very lightweight package.

The green tubes are the Koroyd material
The green tubes are the Koroyd material

What's Koroyd?

Koroyd is a series of engineered tubes that provide impact absorption. The tubes can be cut, shaped, cnc'd, thermoformed or laminated to be implemented into all sorts of helmets and protection. Endura's new MT500 helmets join Smith's helmets with the use of Koroyd. 

Koroyd's push is to encourage helmet manufacturers to go above and beyond the current helmet standards. The goal of the Koroyd initiative is "to reduce the correlated risk of suffering a skull fracture or a fatal traumatic brain injury to less than 5%, according to the Prasad/Mertz risk curves."

A safer helmet?

Endura's MT500 helmets are said to be the first helmets to meet the 5% criteria. Endura touts that the Koroyd material can absorb energy in a more linear fashion than traditional foams during an impact. This increased absorption is said to reduce maximum g-forces to the head during a crash or impact.

Endura's new MT500 helmet claims to be a safer helmet
Endura's new MT500 helmet claims to be a safer helmet

Endura MT500 helmet features

  • Designed for trail/enduro use
  • Goggle-friendly visor
  • Rear goggle strap
  • Front eyewear dock
  • Micro-adjust fit system
  • Clip-on accessories mount
  • Anti-bacterial padding
  • 320g Small/Medium size
  • Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL
  • £149 / US and Australia TBC
  • Currently only available in EU
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