Magura recalls MT6 and MT8 disc brakes

Faulty part can lead to loss of brake pressure

German brake and suspension manufacturer Magura has issued a recall for its MT8 and MT6 disc brakes. The company claims it has discovered a faulty part that, when exposed to very cold temperatures, can lead to a loss of brake pressure.

This fault poses potential risks to the user. As a result, MAGURA recommends MT8 and MT6 owners stop using the brakes immediately and return them to their local Magura dealer for warranty service. This recall only applies to a limited number of MT8 and MT6 brakes, which can be identified by a production number printed on the caliper.

All MT6 and MT8 brakes with serial numbers up to 20532 could potentially be affected and are subject to this recall. All MT6 and MT8 brakes without a serial number on the calliper could also potentially be affected and will be replaced. MT8 and MT6 brakes with serial numbers higher than 20532 are not affected.

All MT6 and MT8 brakes with serial numbers up to 20532, as well as those without serial numbers, are subject to recall

This recall does not apply to other MT series brakes (MT4, MT2, MTC, MTS and MT Custom.)

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