How training your muscle memory can improve your mountain biking

Exaggerate your riding to boost your technical skills

Do you find that you’re stumbling as soon as the trails get a bit more technical? This technique from Matt Legg-Bagg at Pedal Progression will train your body to get into good habits, and it’s these habits that should make all the difference for your next session.

The idea is simple: you visit a trail section that you’re familiar with and find comfortable to ride. You session this section, but this time get used to over-exaggerating the position and techniques involved. 

For example, when cornering, accentuate from your regular position on the bike. It may look a bit silly at first, but this will train your muscle memory, and so when you next fire yourself into a technical section the right technique will feel almost second nature. 

Watch the video below to find out more.

Get more from your sessioning by training your muscle memory
Oli Woodman

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