Santa Cruz launches more affordable versions of its carbon framed bikes

Along with-own brand carbon bars and grips

Santa Cruz has announced more affordable versions of its Bronson, 5010 and Tallboy carbon frames, which are to be sold in all-new complete build kits. 

Details are still scarce but Santa Cruz has confirmed that these new generation frames will be produced by the same exclusive manufacturing partner that makes the company's existing carbon frames. A different grade of carbon fibre means a claimed 250 to 280g  ( 0.6lb) weight penalty over the current carbon versions, although strength and stiffness are said to be the same. 

Builds using these new cheaper frames will now be referred to as 'Carbon' while the existing carbon-framed bikes will now be known as 'Carbon C' models.

The new frames are effectively original equipment items, and are included only as part of two new build kits, known as R and S. Meanwhile, more expensive build kits, such as XT and X01 levels and upwards, will feature Carbon C frames as standard. Those looking to purchase a frame-only carbon Santa Cruz will only be able to purchase the Carbon C versions.

Final figures are still to be announced yet but Santa Cruz says it's been able to 'dramatically reduce' pricing. Santa Cruz engineer Joe Graney headed up the project and says: "We're well aware that bikes have been going up in price the last few years. So we made it a priority to get the radness of our carbon technology to 'trickle-down' within reach of more riders.”

Santa Cruz own-brand handlebars and grips

Santa cruz are offering a range of own-brand carbon handlebars for 2015:
Santa cruz are offering a range of own-brand carbon handlebars for 2015:

For 2015, Santa Cruz is now producing a range of carbon handlebars. Two flat bars are on offer, one at 720mm and another at 760mm wide, each with a 31.8mm clamp and 7mm rise.

Two riser bars are also available too – both use a 20mm rise and 35mm clamp and there's a choice between a wide 760mm or extra wide 800mm option. They're all light too – even the 800mm bar is said to come in at just 200g while the narrowest flat option should only be 176g.

These bars will feature on many of the more expensive build kits for 2015 and are also set to be sold after market soon.

Santa Cruz Palmdale grips

The new palmdale grip from santa cruz:
The new palmdale grip from santa cruz:

Fitted to all 2015 Santa Cruz models as standard is a second new product, the Palmdale grip. It's a single clamp grip that's said to offer the security of a dual clamp design, that's down to a nifty tapered locking core.

The generous 125mm (4.9in) grip surface features a pattern that was chosen to offer a good balance between feel and grip and features a closed end to prevent scuffing and provide a slight bumper in a tree strike scenario.

Fortunately you won't have to buy a complete new Santa Cruz to get your hands on these as they're also set to be available aftermarket in the near future.

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