UK gets Mountain Biking Hall of Fame

First inductees to be honoured on June 22

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The United Kingdom is getting a UK Mountain Biking Hall of Fame, or UK MTB Hall of Fame as it will be known, according to Pacific Edge Events who are creating it. The company also owns the UK's first and longest running 24-hour mountain bike endurance event, Mountain Mayhem.

"We have created the UK MTB Hall of Fame as a way of showing respect for everyone in the mountain bike industry, be they riders or people connected in other ways," said Patrick Adams, director of Pacific Edge Events. "There has been talk in the past in the mountain bike world about a Hall of Fame, but for one reason or another it has never come to fruition. My business partner, Jill Greenfield and I decided it was time to change that.

"This is not about champagne or razzmatazz. This is about sincere respect for those who have contributed to the sport and have helped to create the success that mountain biking is today."

The UK MTB Hall of Fame, in keeping with the 21st century, will be virtual, using web space and social media. But once a year, starting in June 22, 2012, the UK MTB Hall of Fame will become actual, with a presentation ceremony at Mountain Mayhem, a 24-hour mountain bike endurance event. There will also be a special marquee displaying pictures and information about the 12 inaugural inductees.

In its first year to get the ball rolling, the inductees have been chosen by the organisers and some members of the industry.

Induction will happen in a different way in subsequent years. "We are letting mountain biking fans chose," said Greenfield. "The Hall of Fame supporters from the industry will nominate the group of UK people, eight of which will be inaugurated the following year. The most important thing of all is that the final inductees will be voted by UK mountain biking fans from anywhere in the world. That's the beauty of a virtual UK MTB Hall of Fame. It's such an exciting project and we are delighted about how it has been received so far."

The UK MTB Hall of Fame will recognise mountain bikers of all disciplines and also key figures in the mountain bike industry. Over a period of time, these figures will have made a significant contribution towards making mountain biking in the UK what it is today through sport, passion and sheer hard work.

The website,, will be live on June 22, 2012 when the inductees will be announced.

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