Video: Justin Leov's Redraven Speedview goggles

Bluetooth operated roll-off system in action

Here's Monkey, a mechanic from Trek World Racing, talking us through the Redraven Speedview roll-off goggles (£129.99/$200), as used by the team's Justin Leov.

The system is operated by a motor which uses Bluetooth to clear your vision in an instant. For a long time riders had to take their hands from the bars and rip a cord on the goggles to do the job, but Redraven's innovation aims to get the job done with a flick of a switch on the handlebars.

Doing this results in the mud-splattered film being rolled up to the left and a fresh new film taking its place from the right. Check out the video below to find out how Leov became a convert to the system.

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