10 years of flogging bikes on eBay.co.uk

Anniversary facts and figures

eBay.co.uk celebrates ten year anniversary

Online auction site eBay.co.uk is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and as an ever popular place for cyclists to trade their bikes, bits and other paraphernalia,  we thought we’d take a look at some of the standout figures from the past decade.


In the 10 years since it hit the web in the UK, 964 million items have been sold on eBay, with 171 businesses turning over more than £1 million a year.

At the time of writing there are 82,933 bikes and bike-related items for sale on the UK website, and on average, two bikes are sold every minute.

We’ve delved into the history of trading on the site to unearth some tasty two-wheel nuggets for you…

What’s the most popular bike make sold?

Kona is the most searched-for brand and has a 70 percent successful sale rate. Cannondale is the runner-up.

What’s the most searched for item under the sub-category ‘Bicycles’

‘Mountain bike’, then ‘BMX’.

What’s the most expensive bike being sold at time of writing?

Orange 5 Five SE Mountain Bike for £2,510.

How many bikes are added to the site daily?

On average, 3,269.

What’s the average price a bike sells for?


What’s the average price for a bike on the global eBay.com site?


Which country has the most expensive average price?

Australian (eBay.au), at £95.32.

Which country sells the most bikes on its eBay site?

The USA has the most successful sale rate compared to the number of listings.

Mark Lewis, managing director of eBay in the UK, said “eBay.co.uk is still the favourite platform for British shoppers looking for great value and unrivalled choice, to earn some extra money on the side or to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.”


So, what are your eBay experiences with bikes or bike kit? Are you a budding entrepreneur, or have you grabbed some blinding bargains? Let us know in the comment section below.