110% Play Harder Transformer Shorts: Video unboxing

Compression wear with a difference

The 110% Play Harder Transformer Shorts come with reusable ice sheets

It’s been some time since Cycling Plus Editor Rob Spedding graced BikeRadar with his unboxing series but he’s finally back. More of an unbagging than an unboxing, Rob has got his mitts on a pair of compression shorts with a difference from 110% Play Harder.


The theory suggests that using compression wear during and after exercise to help improve circulation and reduce swelling. Ice, often in the form of the dreaded ice bath, is used additionally to reduce inflammation and pain by restricting the blood vessels and preventing the accumulation of fluids.

110% Play Harder have combined the two with their 110% Compression + Ice range, a series of products that include a pocket designed to fit an ice sheet. The Transformer Shorts target the quads, hamstrings, hips and lumbar area without the unnecessary, torturous plunge into the ice bath.


The firm are well established in the US, where the shorts can be purchased direct from their website for $110. They’ve recently extended their reach into the UK, where they can be picked up for around £80. Click here for a full list of retailers. www.110playharder.com

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