2008 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductees

Brian Lopes, Nat Ross among the six

The 2008 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductees selected for placement include the late John Finley Scott, mountain biking’s earliest pioneer; Philip Keyes, an east-coast mountain bike advocate; Steve Blick, Oakley’s sports marketing go-to-guy; Bob Girvin, suspension pioneer and bicycle designer; and two racers, Brian Lopes (Ibis) and Nat Ross (Subaru-Gary Fisher).


Elected by a vote of past Hall of Fame Inductees and current Hall of Fame members, these folks will be inducted into the Hall on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 6 p.m. during the Interbike Show at the Sand’s Expo and Convention Center. All Interbike attendees as well as the public are invited.

The 2008 inductees are:

    * John Finley Scott, Pioneers

    * Philip Keyes, Advocacy

    * Steve Blick, Promotion

    * Brian Lopes, Racing History

    * Nat Ross, Racing History

    * Bob Girvin, Industry

The Mountain Bike Hall of Fame & Museum was founded in 1988 in Crested Butte, Colorado. Ten mountain biking pioneers were inducted the first year; three to seven mountain bike legends have been selected annually since then. The 2008 selections bring the number of Hall of Fame inductees to 107 individuals plus four groups. The history of the sport of mountain biking, many of the early fat-tire bikes, and the stories of Hall of Fame inductees are presented at the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Museum, which is located in downtown Crested Butte.


For more information, visit www.mtnbikehalloffame.com.