$360,000 boost for grassroots bicycle racing in US

USA Cycling's Local Associations to receive up to $36,000 each

USA Cycling

USA Cycling is doling out nearly $360,000 to support racing at grassroots level. The money, earned from the sale of race licenses, will go to its 34 Local Associations across America.

The largest payout, $36,105, goes to the Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association, followed by the Southern California/Nevada Cycling Association ($32,210), the New England Bicycle Racing Association ($30,520), the Texas Bicycle Racing Association ($23,225) and the Pennsylvania Cycling Association ($15,495).

Each year, USA Cycling gives some of its membership dollars back to its Local Associations based on each organisation’s license sales. This money is then used to support road, track and cyclo-cross racing programs in their areas. Based on 2008 license sales, USA Cycling will have given its Local Associations $1.7 million in direct funding since they were created in 2003.

Southern California/Nevada Cycling Association president Eric Smith said: “The funding is a real bonus. It has helped us to support a very successful Best All-Around Rider and Best All-Around Team series, as well as a results program that has driven more and more participation each year.

“We feel the payouts are also important to help support our juniors. Nearly a third of our funding from USA Cycling goes to support a variety of junior programmes. In the past three years our junior membership has tripled and continues to grow. The funding we receive allows us to dedicate resources to junior and women’s programs, as well as the growth of cyclo-cross.” 

USA Cycling’s chief executive officer Steve Johnson said: “The Local Associations have played a significant role in the growth of competitive cycling in America. By funding these programs with a substantial portion of our membership dollars, our Local Associations can continue to provide the support and direction necessary to give current and prospective members a positive racing experience.”