4×4 ploughs through bike shop window

A £63,000 Range Rover crashed through the front window of the newly refurbished Surosa Cycles shop


A £63,000 Range Rover crashed through the front window of the newly refurbished Surosa Cycles shop in Oldham. Shop owners Nigel and Mandy Bishop were working on paperwork in another area of the shop at the time and narrowly avoided what could have been a potentially fatal accident.


The crash occurred exactly a month before their Saturday 12 May [this weekend] re-launch of the shop which was formerly the Oldham Cycle Centre. Owners Nigel and Mandy are determined that the re-launch will still take place, despite the crash and the turmoil it has caused. “The shop has been trading for nearly 30 years now, and its commitment to serious cycling and enthusiasts of the sport has never faltered. Our aim is to carry on this tradition,” says Nigel. The shop was open for business the following morning.

“Nigel has always said he’d like a nice Range Rover, although I think he would have chosen a different colour – and maybe chosen to collect it rather than have it delivered,” commented wife Mandy. Mandy, former Ladies World Road Race Champion 1982 (Mandy Jones) said that they both have tried to keep a sense of humour about the ordeal. “Calls to the shop asking ‘How much for the Range Rover I saw in your window?’ have helped us to see the funnier side of it all,” says Nigel. “We know the stock can be replaced – we’re just very relieved that no one was seriously injured.”

The re-launch and re-branding represents a change in ownership and focus of the business. Still offering fantastic value, quality and friendly service, Nigel and Mandy want customers to experience a cycle shop wholly committed to serious cycling enthusiasts from a wide range of cycling disciplines. The shop also carries mountain bikes and the relevant gear and equipment as well as dedicated stock for female riders, which are now helping to grow the business into new markets. Former champions Nigel and Mandy are still involved in cycling, riding regularly with their daughter Rebecca. Both still hold current records.

Surosa Cycles offers dedicated cycling enthusiasts the latest in specialist technology and equipment to support the most die-hard riders. Recycling Team riders Adam and Ryan Bonser also work in the shop, so there’s no shortage of qualified and experienced cyclists able to offer valuable insight and advice. The Recycling team, lead by Individual World Title holder Chris Newton, will attend the 12 May re-launch event as well. Dan White of CUBE Bikes will be bringing the CUBE demonstration mountain bikes to support the event; those who attend will have a chance to win a CUBE mountain bike on the day.

Surosa Cycles would like to invite anyone with a keen interest in the sport of cycling to join them at the event. Details of the re-launch can be found online here.


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