7 million Fisher-Price tricycles recalled

Design may cause serious injury to toddlers

One of the 15 models of tricycle recalled by Fisher-Price

Mattel Inc.’s American toy company Fisher-Price announced a voluntary recall of seven million Trike and Tough Trike toddler tricycles in the United States of America (and 150,000 in Canada) due to a serious risk of injury.


It was reported that six children required medical attention before the recall was announced and there were 10 known complaints.

“We are responsible for making sure that the products being sold by the manufacturer meet the current standards,” said Nychelle Fleming of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. “We don’t require any number of injuries in order to do a recall. There are no reported injuries in many of our recalls. We don’t wait for injuries. If we know that a hazard exists we will take action and recall the product.”

The Trike brands were manufactured in Mexico and sold in the US and Canada during the last 13 years. According to a press release, Fisher-Price has voluntarily recalled the product after reports of the pretend disc-shaped and D shaped ignition key causing injuries, including genital bleeding if the child strikes, sits or fall on it. The key is located three inches in front of the seat and protrude 5/8 inches from the frame.

“Any time you have millions of recalls it is considered a very large recall,” Fleming said. “We are trying to get a hold of all consumers who own these and it is difficult to get inside of individual owners homes to get them to go inside their garage and check that they have one of the recall units. We really encourage the consumers to check their products and if they are included in the recall to take advantage of the remedy being offered.”

US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada announced that among the injured were six young girls aged two to three years old fell against the protruding ignition key. The federal product safety regulators are urging consumers to stop using the products immediately and contact Fisher-Price for a replacement ignition key.

“These owners are getting a free replacement key and there are instructions on how to remove the existing key,” Fleming said. “The new key is much more flat and rounded on the edges.”

The Trikes product number included in the recall include 72633 Hot Wheels Trike, 72639 Barbie Free Spirit Trike, 72642 Lil’ Kawasaki Trike, 72643 Boys Tough Trike, 72644 Girls Tough Trike, 72792 Kawasaki Trike, B8775 Kawasaki Tough Trike, B8776 Barbie Tough Trike, K6672 Dora the Explorer Tough Trike, K6673 Diego Tough Trike, M5727 Barbie Tough Trike Princess Ride-On, N6021 Kawasaki Tough Trike, T6209 Thomas Tough Trike and V427 Diego Tough Trike.

Along with the Trike products, Fisher-Price announced the recall of its Baby Playzone, Baby Gymnastic Play Wall, Ocean Wonders Kick & Crawl Aquarium, 1-2-3 Tetherball, Bat & Score Goal and many of its high chairs.


Their were a total of 10 million products recalled. The recalls have reportedly cost the company’s profits roughly 10 cents a share.