A Match Made in Heaven?

A Taste of Scottish Cycling Comes to Leeds Leeds: a progressive city with a growing interest in cycl

Edinburgh co-op open a new branch in Leeds

A Taste of Scottish Cycling Comes to Leeds Leeds: a progressive city with a growing interest in cycling and healthy living; the gateway to the fantastic cycling and countryside of the Yorkshire Dales; an area who’s aim is “to encourage cycling and to ensure a comprehensive approach to the promotion of cycling as a sustainable mode of travel.” Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative: more than a bike shop; an organisation with a mission to “Promote cycling in the UK as a sport, leisure activity and a method of transport” A Match Made in Heaven? Boasting almost 30 years experience running an innovative bicycle business, Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative is planning to launch its latest store in Chapel Allerton Leeds this Summer. Could this be a match made in heaven?

Why is the opening of a cycle shop newsworthy?
Because Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative is no ordinary bike shop. For a start, it is a workers’ co-op: i.e. it is employee owned. Every time-served employee owns an equal share in the business. It is therefore clearly in every staff member’s interest to offer the best possible service whenever you shop with the Co-op. That’s probably why from humble beginnings (3 employees in 1977) Edinburgh Bicycle has enjoyed steady growth until today it now employs 60+ people to run its 3 existing shops (one in Edinburgh, one in Aberdeen and one in Newcastle) and is presently recruiting more staff for the new Chapel Allerton store.
As you might have guessed from their name Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op is based in Scotland-recently voted the world‘s best mountain biking destination by IMBA (The International Mountain Bike Association). That’s significant because Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s buyers and sales staff can claim first hand experience of what works in real world conditions. Chances are, bikes and waterproofs tested in Scotland’s hills will work well in the Yorkshire’s Dales too.
Some specialist shops boast about being exclusive. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative built their reputation on being inclusive. That’s why you will find great-value £200 commuter bikes nestling beside competition-ready 2-grand road bikes in their showrooms. That’s why the same care goes into selecting their kids’ bike range as choosing every adult bike (a kid’s bike is not just for Christmas). That’s why half the co-op’s own-brand Revolution bikes are women’s models. And that’s why the range of back-up stock-spares, accessories and clothing-can only be described as awesome.
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op isn’t just about world-class choice however. The Co-op has built its reputation by continuing to support the customer long after he or she has made their purchase, pioneering in-store classes in cycle maintenance, famed for their user friendliness. And talking of user friendly, Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op has hosted its own website since 1996, so if you want to sample one of the longest-established secure shopping websites in the industry, visit www.edinburghbicycle.com
Giving Something Back In line with its mission statement, the Co-op has promoted cycling as a sport, leisure activity and method of transport in every city with an Edinburgh Bicycle store. For instance, the Co-op sponsors Edinburgh’s annual “New Year’s Day Triathlon”; provides backup for organised rides such as the Edinburgh-St Andrews, and has supported Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign, since its inception in.
In Aberdeen the Co-op sponsors cycling teams and races, and partners the University’s Bike To Work Scheme. And in Newcastle, the Co-op supports similar grass-routes events providing, for instance, free mechanical backup for the 1,000 riders who partake in the Great North Bike Ride.
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op now looks forward to the challenge of offering a similar level of service, supporting a whole new set of cyclists and cyclists-to-be from their new store in Chapel Allerton, Leeds.
If you’d like us to let you know when we’re opening, or are interested in what Edinburgh Bicycle has to offer, e mail enquiries@edinburghbicycle.com with ‘LEEDS’ as the title and send us your name and address information.