Access Trek’s website from your iPhone

Bike maker works with Apple to make your handheld browsing cleaner

Browsing on your iPhone.

Trek and its creative agency have partnered with Apple to allow iPhone and iPod Touch users the ability to browse


“ is accessed by a higher-than-average number of iPhone users,” said Derek Deubel, Trek Bicycle director of marketing services. “We wanted to provide those users with the same great features and gorgeous design of the Trek website without compromising content or usability.”

Social sites like Facebook and some e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay have begun designing specifically for the iPhone but, for the most part, mobile browsers have to reorganize content originally designed for a larger screen. The result is usually excessive scrolling and loss of design aesthetics. The optimized Trek site provides the most important features – bike information, blogs, videos and a dealer locator that coordinates with Google Maps – in a fast, responsive interface.

Hanson Dodge Creative, Trek Bicycle’s long-time agency, created the cycling company’s full website and had all of the data available to make an iPhone-optimized version of the site. Since the iPhone runs the full Safari browser, Hanson Dodge easily retrofit the existing web content onto the iPhone platform.


“We wanted navigation to be intuitive,” said Dan Herwig, an interactive art director with Hanson Dodge Creative, “so we designed the site navigation to mimic the way the iPhone works.  All of the menus look and behave just like the menus in the iPhone’s operating system, so it is immediately familiar to the user.”