Agiskoviner women looking to expand

The Agiskoviner women's squad is raising its goals for next season, following a promising 2006. "Fr


The Agiskoviner women’s squad is raising its goals for next season, following a promising 2006. “From an almost accidental start, the Agiskoviner women’s squad really took off in 2006 and showed great potential for the future,” said the team’s Gary Kristensen. “The road team finished 12th in the team series, after riding only three events of the seven possible. There was also success on the track at the masters nationals.”


With 22 members in the current squad, the team is keen to expand in 2007. “In particular the road team, as we intend to target the Team Series along with some of the Reynolds/Michelin Bruton Series and the Women’s Circuit Series,” added Kristensen. “Hillingdon Women’s Series will also feature as it is well promoted and deserves support. On the track we will be targeting the women’s omniums and junior, senior, masters and WCRA national championships. In time trialling, all national championships, both CTT and BC, will be fair game along with the Rudy Project series.”

Kristensen emphasised that the riders will be given “direction, advice and support by team management and club coaches but we will not be jamming square pegs into round holes; no-one will be forced to ride what they don’t want to and riders will be encouraged to work out their own race programmes within the squad. They will, however, be encouraged to try different disciplines because of the benefits of cross fertilisation.”


All female riders are welcome to join. Those interested can contact John Percy (team manager) at for a chat, and visit